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Waste Management

Environment Friendly. Manufactured in Namibia

Whitelight Investments is an import and export company which is engaged in environmentally friendly bio-enzyme treatment in water, sewage, waste management and sanitation. Whitelight holds sole distributary rights to BioSmart Products (the world leader in bio-enzyme water and sewage treatment).

Mining Operations

From Mining to Commodity Trading

Whitelight Investments cc aims to carry on business as a proprietor of mines, mineral deposits, quarries or open pit mines, as well as prospecting, mineral exploration and mineral marketing.

Market access

Trade facilitation runs the risk of being an obsolete instruments if the local industry remains locally focused and has no means of accessing new markets in the region. In practical terms, trade facilitation should primarily serve traders by allowing them benefit from easier and transparent trade procedures. To this end, we help local businesses access new markets for their products based on simple economic supply and demand principles. 

Logistical Support

In this area, our services include transhipment, storage, transport network linkages, collection and distribution of goods as well as cross border arrangements. We have an array of contacts and partners whose help we enlist for shipping services etc. Our yard at the Coast of Namibia provides ample storage space as well as parking for trucks and vehicles. For security purposes, we also offer vehicle escort services for high value goods such as oil, minerals etc.

Trade Related Advice

With an in-house International trade lawyer, we offer consultancy services on any trade related matters as well as advise on how to maximise benefits from existing national and regional trade instruments such as the Trade Facilitation agreement among others. In the same breath we also offer advise of new business opportunities to our clients as well as represent our clients at arbitration meetings if required.

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