About Us

Whitelight Investments was formed and registered in 2009. Its formation was necessitated by the increase in regional trade in and around the Southern African Development Community. Pursuant to this, Whitelight Investments has commercial presence and subsidiaries in Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. We pride ourselves as being relevant in and around the SADC region as our areas of business and expertise address the urgent needs in and around the region.

It is against this background that we have established ourselves as follows:

Biosmart Technologies

It is a well-known fact that water sanitation and waste management are one of Africa’s biggest problems. The above issues and others similar to them, hold a sensitive position in that they are integrated with life’s necessity, water. This means that the solution for any issues regarding water must be sustainable and as environmentally friendly as possible.

It is this need that drives our Biosmart Technologies projects. We pride ourselves in using 100% environmentally friendly bio-enzyme products that treat contaminated water, sewage and organic waste.

Whitelight Investments holds sole manufacturing and distributary rights to BioSmart Products in SADC. BioSmart products are the world leaders in bio-enzyme water, sewage and waste treatment. BioSmart products are European Union certified products that comply with, amongst others, the ISO - 9001.

Import and Export

Whitelight Investments is also engaged in commodity broking, distribution and supply, the sale of school and executive furniture, stationery, clothing and hardware. We execute the above both locally and around the region.


Whitelight Investments is currently involved in pursuing other business opportunities in the Mining industry. We aim to carry on business as proprietors of mines, mineral deposits, quarries and/or open pit mines.