Logistics Division

Logistics Division

Established in 2009 Whitelight Investments cc has already gained a strong background in General haulage, storage and distribution for customers around Namibia and the SADC region. With a very modern and versatile fleet, Whitelight Investments cc meets market demands of high volume transport.

Why Use Our Services

  • We offer one contact point for all your transport & shipping requirements.
  • We have large partners throughout the SADC region.
  • We can provide complete multimodal solutions including storage, break bulk and packing.
  • We provide a dedicated and reliable service.
  • We offer a premium returns loads service

Levels of Service

Whitelight Investments cc offers three levels of services so that we can meet your needs whatever your requirements.

Exclusive Load

Our full exclusive load service means that our customers will have a dedicated vehicle allocated to them.  The full exclusive load service is ideal for customers who have very specific time constraints and delivery needs.

Return or Back Loads

With our versatile fleet and network of contacts throughout SADC, Whitelight Investments cc can provide a return service, especially where our customers are a little more flexible on delivery times.  It must also be noted that prices for return or back loads are substantially lower than for Exclusive load services.

Premium Return Loads

For your peace of mind Whitelight Investments cc is proud to provide a premium return load service.  For a small premium charge we can provide return loads with a guarantee that if for any reason there is a significant delay with a return load vehicle we will find a replacement vehicle on the same day.  If for any reason within our control we are unable to provide your replacement vehicle within one day we will refund all charges as well as delivering your goods as soon as possible. 

It must however be noted that our guarantee applies in all cases except where closures, traffic or similar conditions make it impossible for us to provide alternative arrangements at a reasonable cost.