Mining Operations

Whitelight Mining in brief

Whitelight Mining is a Namibian mining company, focused on gold exploration and production in SADC Region.

Our Goal

Our long term goal is to become a leading, sustainable and efficient medium sized gold producer. In a low gold price environment, we will achieve this through creating value by minimizing risks related to exploration, mining, and processing of our mineral resources and increasing efficiency.

Our values

People are our most important asset. Our mine is built and operated by our employees and it is our highest priority to create and maintain a safe and healthy working environment for them.

Environment and the Community

We are actively engaged in the local communities in the areas in which we operate by, among other things, by supporting and contributing to education and infrastructure and by prioritizing the local population when employing staff.

Environmental responsibility is a central issue in a company with operations involving environmental risks. The majority of the Company’s activities are carried out in areas which are sensitive to the impact of mining operations. Whitelight understands that there are people living close to our operations and, therefore, seeks to minimize the negative impact of our operations on the environment by focusing on adopting innovative technologies, continuously optimizing resource utilization and decreasing waste.