Trade Facilitation

TRADE FACILITATION: making trade simpler, smoother and smart

Trade facilitation is the simplification, modernisation and harmonisation of export and import processes thereby emerging  as a key issue in the world trading system. It looks at how procedures and controls governing the movement of goods across national borders can be improved to reduce associated cost burdens and maximise efficiency while protecting legitimate regulatory objectives.

The term "trade facilitation" is also occasionally extended to address a wider agenda in economic development and trade to include, among others, improvement of transport infrastructure, modernisation of customs administration, the removal of non-tariff trade barriers  as well as export marketing and promotion.

Trade facilitation is especially important for developing countries as it helps reduce the burden of inefficient procedures, increasing transparency, improving the climate for investment (increasing foreign direct investments) and looking into ways of implementing technological solutions in developing and transition countries.  To traders whose business largely contribute to a country's economy, trade facilitation helps them reap the benefits of open trade allowing them to contribute to economic growth and poverty reduction.

It is in the wider agenda of economic development and trade that Whitelight Investments offer services in support of trade facilitation. Although our services are expanding right through the Southern African region, our areas of focus have been relations between Zambia and Namibia.  Namibia is quickly developing as the gateway into Southern Africa and has strong trade and cultural ties with Zambia.  It is for this reason that our services have largely covered the two Countries, with so much more potential to do more.